Yume no MachiSouzou Iinkai Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

Our Mission is to Create Value

Rie Nakamura, President and CEO

Japan is in a period of population decline, and unable to avoid a shrinking consumer market, companies will only be supported by products and services that offer increasingly high value to customers.

Moreover, as market globalization advances, opportunities to take up the challenge of overseas markets will increase, and at the same time, many competitors will emerge.

Having properly recognized these elements of the external environment, as a venture company we see it as our mission to grow the business foundations we have established to date into something of even higher quality while finding and materializing the seeds of new businesses derived from those foundations.

Since our core business Demae-can was based on an unprecedented business model, we had trouble gaining acceptance when the business first launched, but today it continue to expand as a service that offers value to users and affiliate restaurants alike.

Even so, we must not take current circumstances for granted; we will have to engage in friendly competition.

As evidenced by our company name, which places our business creed front-and-center, when creating a new business that has not existed before, all of us employees experiencing the birthing pains (and fun) of taking something from zero to one, and as we continue to grow, our reason for existing is making even more people happy through the business we have created.